About Us

Who We Are

MODE CONFORT is the is the only and exclusive franchisee of Punt Roma in all of Canada.
PUNT ROMA is a Spanish firm that offers fashion for every type of woman, with a variety of styles. Its head office is located in Mataró (Barcelona), a city with a great textile tradition.


At Punt Roma, we have a great team of professionals who are continually working in search of the latest trends, focusing their efforts on offering the best service with a quality product. Our main objective is to dress a current and dynamic woman.


Punt Roma is a brand of clothing for today’s woman, who’s feminine and modern, with a variety of styles, offering a complete look. Garments range from sizes 38 to 54 (8 to 24) to help women dress fashionably and enhance every type of figure. Always the highest quality at the best price. The company controls the entire production process for each item of clothing, from design to in-store presentation, to offer our clients a quality product. The image of our shops is constantly being updated, incorporating new technologies, to provide a space dedicated to fashion.


We work every day to preserve the essence of every woman, paying special attention and care to their needs. We support equality and respect between people, we appreciate talent, and this is why we work with people of all ages and backgrounds. We are passionate about fashion and we try to show it through our clothing and accessories.